On the 23rd of June, the UK voted in favour of leaving the European Union.  The biggest impact for businesses will be the terms of trade between the UK and the EU-27, as well as between the UK and the rest of the world – this will determine how businesses access different markets when exporting and importing goods and services.  This means that international trade law expertise will become critical to companies seeking to best position themselves and advocate a position to the relevant governments.  As such, this webinar is intended to provide clarity by explaining in detail the potential trading models that are open to the UK and EU-27, with a view to highlighting both the challenges and opportunities facing businesses.  In particular, we shall set out how each of the different models will impact current:

  • importing, customs rules, regulations, tariffs and duty rates;
  • trade in services;

  • export controls, in particular licensing;

  • trade and financial sanctions policy and enforcement; and

  • dealings and trading with third countries, in particular with respect to current and prospective free trade agreements.

You will hear from Baker & McKenzie’s trade experts from the UK, elsewhere in the EU, North America and Asia.  Baker & McKenzie’s London trade team is the UK’s largest and leading international trade team, being the only team to be ranked number one in the Legal 500 for Trade, WTO, and Anti-Dumping for the past 15 years.  In addition, Baker & McKenzie London’s Customs practice is the only team to hold a tier one ranking, with a strong set of dedicated experts.  In 2016, WorldECR named Baker & McKenzie as being European Sanctions Law Firm of the Year, as well as European Export Controls Law Firm of the Year.”

Trade & Customs, Wednesday 6 July, 2.30-4.00 pm BST.  To register for the Webinar, click here.