We are excited to launch Nearshoring Quick Chats, a collection of short conversations to guide you through the opportunities and challenges of nearshoring in Mexico. Our lawyers will discuss the main implications and challenges in the legal sphere around this trend, brought around by the ongoing geopolitical events. Many of our clients look to expand or move supply chain operations to more economical jurisdictions (while staying close to critical markets). For companies that focus on the North American market, this trend is hot in Mexico given its proximity to the United States.

In our initial video, we discuss our thoughts on the nearshoring trend, given that it has been over a year since this trend has emerged in Mexico. We also recap the key takeaways from our recent event, “Mexico in the Global Spotlight: Nearshoring and the 2024 Elections,” in collaboration with the Atlantic Council, where panelists discussed what to expect in terms of nearshoring, in light of the upcoming elections in Mexico and the US.

View the full nearshoring quick chats series here.


Adriana Ibarra-Fernandez has over twenty years of experience in customs and foreign trade matters. She focuses her practice on customs and international trade matters, including rules of origin, verifications of origin and related subjects in terms of the FTAs to which Mexico is a party, tariff classification, customs valuation, maquila (IMMEX) and other programs for the promotion of imports and exports, as well as non-tariff import regulations and consumer protection. Adriana also advises clients in the pharmaceutical sector with regulatory matters and has experience in handling compliance and anti-corruption matters.