On June 30, 2020, the Diario Oficial (Official Gazette) published the Decree establishing the Applicable Rate of the General Import Tax for merchandise originating in North America, which implements Annex 2-B of the Agreement between the United Mexican States, the United States of America and Canada (T-MEC/ USMCA / CUSMA). The Tariff Schedules established in Annex 2-B “Tariff Commitments” establish the preferential rate of customs tariffs for trade between Mexico, the United States and Canada, on goods originating in the territories of the Parties.

The Decree states that it is necessary to inform the general public that the preferential tariff rates established in the Decree do not prevent the establishment of new tariffs for trilateral trade, when this results from a safeguard, from compensation against a legitimate safeguard imposed by another of the Parties or of a suspension of benefits against one of the Parties. The provisions of the Foreign Trade Law allow the establishment of compensatory quotas (AD/CVD margins) against unfair international trade practices, either to compensate for damages caused by subsidies in the exporting country (countervailing or anti-subsidy duties), or to compensate for damages caused by the importation of goods in conditions of discrimination of prices (anti-dumping duties).

The preferential tariff rates established in the T-MEC do not exempt goods from the restrictions or release from compliance with regulations and non-tariff restrictions, from the import prerequisites established by the Ministry of Economy or any other agency within the scope of its powers, of the requirements of Official Mexican Standards or to process the customs clearance of goods, among others, provided they are in accordance with the international commitments acquired by Mexico.