CSMS #13-000615 dated December 18, 2013 announced that each Free Trade Agreement (FTA) page on CBp.gov has been updated and expanded to include the following documents:

  • Implementation Instructions
  • Attachment A (Certification of Origin)
  • General Note Link (Always current)
  • Regulation Link (Always current)
  • Agreement Text
  • USITC Report (Includes the General note, the goods that went  free immediately and the phase-out schedule to determine future duty rates.)
  • Summaries and Reports (USTR)
  • Implementation Act (The public law.)
  • Presidential Proclamation (Implementing the Agreement.)
  • Reconciliation Link (If reconciliation eligible.)
  • Agricultural Quota Link


Please see below for links to each of the FTA pages.


The CAFTA and Israel FTA page updates are pending. The NAFTA pages remain very complete but dated. Links to these websites are referenced below. Also be advised that there are some excellent MPF, Value and Reasonable Care information at the link on the Trade Agreements page.

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