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7 April 2020 – COVID-19: Tariff-Relief Opportunities for U.S. Importers

28 March 2020 – Client Alert: Congress Passes Phase 3 of Coronavirus

18 March 2020 – US Government Targets Supply Chains Linked to Forced Labor in Xinjiang, China

12 March 2020 – Baker McKenzie’s Coronavirus Resource Center

4 March 2020 – Coronavirus outbreak: global guide to force majeure and international commercial contracts

13 February 2020 – USMCA Restricts Access to International Arbitration

17 January 2020 – Treasury Issues Final Regulations Implementing FIRRMA

10 January 2020 – Malaysia: Entry into Force of Amendments to Key Legislations Affecting Trade and Customs

9 January 2020 – 2019 updates to China’s Draft Export Control Law – What you need to know


10 December 2019 – Deadlock at the WTO Appellate Body: No Consensual Way Out in Sight

04 December 2019 – USTR proposes tariffs on $2.4 billion in French goods in response to France’s digital services tax

29 November 2019 – Commerce Proposes Rules re Securing the Information and Communications Technology and Services Supply Chain; Comments Due on or Before December 27

8 August 2019 – US Government Escalates Sanctions Against the Government of Venezuela

June 2019 – Suppliers to the US Beware: Increased Compliance and Enforcement of Antidumping and Countervailing Duties

June 2019 – China will release its “Unreliable Entity List”

29 May 2019 – President Trump Issues Supply Chain Executive Order

22 May 2019 – China Retaliatory Tarrifs – Product Exclusion Process

20 May 2019 – US Government Imposes Comprehensive Restrictions on Exports/Reexports to Huawei and Its Affiliates and Issues Executive Order to Secure Information and Communications Technology and Services in the US

7 May 2019 – OFAC Publishes “A Framework for Compliance Commitments”

1 April 2019 – Export controls and sanctions: preparing for the impact of a no-deal Brexit 

25 March 2019 – Implementation of the uCustoms System

28 February 2019 – Qatar Diplomatic Crisis – Shipping Boycott Still Stands

20 February 2019    Application of US Sanctions Targeting Venezuela to PdVSA Subsidiaries

28 January 2019 – Customs Issues for Vietnam

23 January 2019 – Tax for E-Commerce Trade to be Set in April

22 January 2019 – Revised Guidelines for Inclusion in the List of Foreign Retailers in the Philippines

11 January 2019 – Amendments to the Customs Act: Increased Penalties and More Robust Review Process

3 January 2019 – Export Duties on Services: In Force until 2020

January 2019 –  Section 301 Duty Mitigation Strategies

January 2019 – Venezuela Extends Customs Duties/Customs Service Fee Exemption for Imports of Certain Items


28 November 2018   USMCA: Provisions and potential impact to the healthcare industry

23 October 2018        Supply Chain Client Alert: Considerations for Supply Contracts During Trade Tensions

15 October 2018       CFIUS Expands its Jurisdiction and Imposes Prior Approval Requirements for the First Time

2 October  2018         The USMCA: NAFTA’s Replacement

28 August 2018        CFIUS Reform: How Private Equity Funds Are Affected

8 August 2018          President Trump Expected to Sign the Foreign Investment Risk Review Modernization Act, Most Important Reforms to CFIUS in Thirty Years

11 July 2018              Government of Canada Process for Requesting Remission of Surtaxes on Certain U.S. Origin Goods

5 July 2018               OFAC Revokes Iran General License H and Other General Licenses; State Department Threatens Sanctions Against Countries that Import Iranian Oil After November 2018

3 July 2018                Canadian Countermeasures Against US Origin Imports in Effect from 1 July 2018 

28 June 2018            Mexico Implements Retaliatory Measure Against Duties Imposed by the United States

6 June 2018              Malaysia Anti Profiteering Update: Introduction of 2018 Mechanism To Determine Unreasonably High Profits

5 June 2018             Trump Administration and Congress to Tighten Investment Restrictions & Export Controls to Address Technology Transfer Concerns

5 June 2018             Canada Announces Retaliatory Tariffs in Response to US Steel and Aluminum Tariffs

4 June 2018             Anti-Profiteering Laws in Malaysia: Zerorisation of GST Leading to Greater Scrutiny on Pricing

1 June 2018              Customs Increases the Maximum FOB Value per Shipment for Imports via Courier

1 June 2018               Trump on Trade: June 1 Update on Section 232 Duties on Steel and Aluminum

16 May 2018              United States Withdraws from Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action 

10 March 2018          Trump on Trade: Section 232 Duties on Steel & Aluminum

8 February 2018       EU: Future restrictions in the use of transfer pricing for customs valuation?

2 January 2018         NAFTA in Play: The State of Play Following the Sixth Round of Negotiations


13 December 2017    US Customs & Border Protection (CBP) Forced Labor Update & Recommendations

18 October 2017        US President “Decertifies” the Iran Nuclear Deal and Imposes New Sanctions Against the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps

28 September 2017  CFIUS Report Highlights Investment Trends

29 August 2017         US Imposes Economic Sanctions on Venezuela

4 August 2017            US President Signs Iran, Russia, and North Korea Sanctions Bill

24 July 2017               Nine Takeaways from the USTR Summary of Negotiating Objectives

8 June 2017                 You  can still influence the upcoming NAFTA negotiations – but hurry!

2 May 2017                   National Security Investigations Could Sharply Limit Steel and Aluminum Imports

23 January 2017         Algeria: The 2017 Finance Law


7 December 2016        DOJ’s New Guidance Urges Exporters to Self-Disclose Potential Export and Sanctions Violations

1 December 2016         NAFTA in Play

23 November 2016      Trump Administration’s Trade Policies

22 November 2016      US Election: The Global Impact of a New Leader

25 July 2016                  Algeria:  New Investment Code

12 July 2016                  Increased Enforcement of U.S. Forced Labor Prohibition Carries High Risks for U.S. Companies (and their International Supply Chains)

1 May 2016                    Union Customs Code

31 May 2016                  Client Alert – North Korean Executive Order

9 February 2016            Canada Relaxes Sanctions Targeting Iran

28 January 2016           Focus on Iran: European Union, Switzerland, and the United States Relax Sanctions Targeting Iran


28 October 2015            European Union, United States, and Switzerland Move Forward on Sanctions Relief for Iran Following JCPOA’s Adoption Day

27 October 2015            US Government Takes Additional Steps to Relax Comprehensive Embargo of Cuba

8 October 2015              Trans-Pacific Trade Deal Concluded

30 July 2015                  CBP issues instructions for obtaining radioactive GSP treatment

15 July 2015                   Focus on Iran: Outline of EU and U.S Sanctions Relief for Iran under Join Comprehensive Plan of Action

14 April 2015                 R&D Expenses Paid to the Vendor of Imported Goods May Need to be Included in their Entirety in the Customs Value for Duty Determination

2 April 2015                   Focus on Iran: Overview and Significance of the Join Comprehensive Plan of Action

24 March 2015              Department of Energy Regulations on Nuclear Assistance to Go Into Effect

9 March 2015                US Government Relaxes Comprehensive Embargo of Cuba