The Customs Import Prohibition Order 2017 (CIPO 2017) and the Customs Prohibition Export Order 2017 (CEPO 2017) came into effect 1 October 2017. These Orders have replaced their 2014 equivalents, which lapsed 30 September 2017.

Apart from a clarification, to make it clear that triple edged knives are covered as offensive weapons, the wording of the Orders is unchanged from 2014.

CIPO 2017 prohibits the importation of

  • motor vehicles with inaccurate or no odometers, and
  • specified offensive weapons, such as knuckledusters, bayonets and certain knives suitable for stabbing or throwing. The complete Schedule of offensive weapons is here.

CEPO 2017 prohibits the exportation of

  • Unworked pounamu (“greenstone”) over five kilograms
  • Live green-lipped mussel spat
  • Goods listed on the Strategic Goods List and dual-use goods