Tariffs, quotas and other traditional trade barriers are gradually declining with the growth in free trade agreements. As the regional market gains strength in this sector, the Asia Pacific Food Law Guide offers key insights on food laws in 11 jurisdictions across Asia Pacific. 

The guide is an easy-to-search online summary of food laws, which aims to assist food businesses that wish to enter and compete in the ever-evolving Asia Pacific market. It covers the following topics:

  • local language and mandatory labelling requirements
  • country of origin labelling
  • mandatory warnings
  • product registration
  • import permit and clearance requirements
  • changes to local laws and regulations

Compare and contrast the food laws across Asia Pacific in an interactive platform that lets you export and download the content in readable format. Click  this link to access the interactive site.

Contact Fred Burke (Managing Partner) , Lan Phuong Nguyen (Partner), Ngoc Trung Tran (Senior Regulatory Advisor) or Nicholas Mider (BD manager).