On 26 February 2022, the Turkish Ministry of Trade introduced the following changes regarding the control and inspection of certain imported goods, which are effective immediately:

  • Medicinal products for human use and intermediates used only for human health, pharmaceutical products to facilitate treatment and protect health (except those that need special permission, products within the scope of the Medical Device Regulation and those that will be used for analysis in laboratories or for drug research) with HS code 3002.49.00.0000 are now added to the list of products subject to compliance inspections for human health and safety within the scope of the Communiqué on the Import Control of Certain Products Inspected by the Ministry of Health (Product Safety and Inspection: 2022/20).
  • Processed asbestos (fiber), asbestos or mixtures based on asbestos and magnesium carbonate are included in the list of chemicals whose import is controlled as per the Communique on the Import Control of the Chemicals Kept under Control for the Protection of the Environment (Product Safety and Inspection: 2022/6).
  • Returned goods, marine fishery products and other products extracted from the sea, that are in free circulation in accordance with the Articles 168-171 of the Customs Law No. 4458 are no longer subject to the inspection requirements of Communiqué No: 2022/1 (Communique on the Implementation of Surveillance in Imports).
  • In order to apply for the registration document required to import goods listed under the Annex-1 of Communiqué No: 2022/1 (Communique on the Implementation of Surveillance in Imports), an importer who is a tradesman or a craftsman is required to submit the original or a notarized copy of the registry certificate issued by the Tradesmen and Craftsman Registry Office. If the importer is a real person, a notarized signature statement is required.