Supply chain disruption continues to be a key theme amid the Covid-19 crisis. Business strategies are pivoting to cope with weakening global demand, shifting manufacturing patterns and emerging geopolitical factors. Our Supply Chains Reimagined – Recovery and Renewal in Asia Pacific and Beyond report examines the impact of global supply chain movement on various industries including challenges, opportunities and solutions, and the influence of government intervention schemes. 

The report focuses on the Asia Pacific region as a vital intersection of global supply chains and how trade wars, digitalization, ESG demands and the pandemic are now redrawing the supply chain map in this vast region. The report articulates five key global supply chain trends:

  1. US-China trade relations are the big driver of supply chain change
  2. Companies will increasingly adopt supply chain diversification strategies
  3. China’s large domestic market and strength in emerging markets are pivotal
  4. Digitalization and sustainability will impact supply chain operations
  5. Government intervention and strategic priorities will affect the future

This supply chain paper features an analysis of global export market share data from SRA, collated across 350 product categories and 150 countries. This report shows the differentiated pace of industry-specific global supply chain movement including challenges, opportunities, shifting manufacturing patterns and the impact of government intervention schemes. 

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