On April 29, 2020, Enforcement and Compliance, International Trade Administration (ITA), Commerce, published in the Federal Register a proposed rule [Docket ITA-2020-200408-0103] to establish an Aluminum Import Monitoring and Analysis (AIM) system. Over the past decade, Commerce has operated the Steel Import Monitoring and Analysis (SIMA) system to monitor for import surges of specific steel products and to monitor for potential transshipment and circumvention of US trade measures relating to these products. AIM, as proposed, will be similar to the existing SIMA system. Specifically, Commerce proposes to require import license applicants to identify the country where the aluminum used in the manufacture of the imported aluminum product was smelted and poured; to release this data on an aggregate basis, as appropriate; and to apply the licensing requirement to cover all imports of basic aluminum products, which are listed in Annex II. To be assured of consideration, written comments must be received on or before 5 p.m. EST on May 29, 2020.