On March 26, 2020, the Enforcement and Compliance Unit (E&C), International Trade Administration (ITA), Commerce, published in the Federal Register a temporary final rule [Docket No.: 200320-0083] modifying certain requirements for serving documents containing business proprietary information in antidumping and countervailing duty (AD/CVD) cases to facilitate the effectuation of service through electronic means. The goal is to promote public health and slow the spread of COVID-19. These temporary modifications will be in place until May 19, 2020, unless extended. Enforcement & Compliance (E&C) will temporarily deem service of submissions containing business proprietary information (BPI) to be effectuated when the BPI submissions are filed by parties in ACCESS (E&C’s online document portal), with certain exceptions, with the goal of promoting public health and slowing the spread of COVID-19 while at the same time permitting the continued administration of antidumping and countervailing duty proceedings.