On May 31, 2019, USTR posted a notice stating that USTR will post a Federal Register notice that extends the amount of time certain goods exported from China have to enter the United States before they will be subject to an additional tariff increase from 10 percent to 25 percent. On June 10, 2019, USTR published the Federal Register notice extending the time for covered products that were exported from China to the United States prior to May 10, 2019 if they enter into the U.S. before June 15, 2019. These goods will remain subject to an additional 10 percent tariff. Originally, the deadline to enter the U.S. before the goods would be subject to an additional 25 percent tariff was June 1, 2019.

This limited extension will further account for customs enforcement factors and the transit time between China and the United States by sea. HTSUS heading 9903.88.09, set out in the Annex to the May 15 Notice and as amended by the Annex to the June 10, notice, applies to products of China covered by the September 2018 action that were exported before May 10, 2019, and entered into the United States on or after May 10, 2019, and before June 15, 2019.